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racer-boy [song challenge 14: respire]

title: racer-boy
author: thea
rating: g
pairing: general
focus: yunho-centric
summary: when did jung yunho take a deep breath of adulthood and let it out only to become u-know-yunho for the hysterical, shrieking masses?


Il faut que tu respires, et ça c'est rien de le dire

Tu vas pas mourir de rire, et c'est pas rien de le dire.*

his name is (was) jung yunho and there are lots of things you want to do for this boy. he has a polite smile, strained and forced-it makes you wonder why he tries so much. but ambition is his driving force, what keeps him going towards the finish line. yunho is strong, strong, strong-

so very fragile on the inside, you wonder how he hasnt broken already into a thousand (million) pieces, upon contact with the floor. he falls down, smiles that sweet, polite smile of his and rewinds the tape-practicing his steps with renewed determination.

when did jung yunho take a deep breath of adulthood and let it out only to become u-know-yunho for the hysterical, shrieking masses?

jaejoong falls down and cannot perform in their music video. junsu falls and performs in a wheelchair. yoochun cries tears of homesickness and changmin deals with his insecurities. yunho stands beside them all, smiling politely and taking short, quick breaths-living his life like a race to be finished.

yunho swallows near death and comes back to life-unblemished externally and still smiling politely. sometimes you dont know what to do because there is an urge to give him a tight hug but he's already pushing you away, telling you in that calm, soothing voice of his-

i'm fine.

there is still a hint of child in his eyes and you wrap arms around him, hoping that he never was. he is, he is, he is.

he has to be. you'll keep him safe.

You need to breath, you shouldn't have to be told that
You won't die by laughing, you shouldn't have to be told that.*

Tags: artist: mickey 3d, song challenge 14: respire, w: purplehaze_33
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still not happy!Yunho, but better <3

jknc.aksjnc, no idea why he's being so difficult. XD

thank you. :3


8 years ago

Deleted comment

ohh no, it was translated by the mod for this challenge. ^_^

the challemge was for those song lyrics.

Deleted comment


8 years ago

ya know what's sad about this? I can kinda sorta see this in yunho.
he works really hard on his image of being manly and w/e I wish he would let loose more often.
also, yunho has always said he wants a girl who can take care of him ;D
8DD, i think a girl who can get him to breathe and laugh-that would the girl for him. :3

i wanted to make it seem realistic so thats good to know! thank youuu. ^_^
i have no idea why but this brought tears to my eyes. especially the part about him pushing you away when you want to give him a hug. it just.. hurts. ); still, it's amazingly written. <3
;_;, yeah, i'm not sure. it wasnt supposed to be angst, more like a reflection on him but still that sadness snuck in.

but still, thats what i think of yunho. all strong and beautiful and brave. XD

thank you, bb! ^_^
I don't know what to say but I love it.

Do you somehow know YunHo in real life? XD
hahah, that's okay. :3

i wish i did. :')
Ugh, so beautiful...and so Yunho. He always seems so strong and yet inside who knows how many times he's fallen apart.

you'll keep him safe

I want to!!!
hahah, me too. :)

i love writing about yunho really. there's so much to write about with him, in terms of feelings. ^_^

thank you!
*huggles yunho* strong leadershii@ :)
this summed it up so well..

thank you for reading, bb. :)

your summary caught me.<3 its my favorite line from this fic. ;D loved it. alot. i think you captured yunho perfectly. (or well how i picture him to be.)♥
ahahah, thank you very much! ^_^

yunho is getting to be my favourite member to fic lately. :3

(this deserves a ho-icon ♥)

i find it funny that even though yunho has this wall built around him,
and this persona to fill; he's the most easiest of all members to read.
(lol, idk how to explain it, but one look at his face, and you can tell
what he's thinking even when he's trying to hide it)

i love this ♥
I don't leave comments in fics very often, but I needed something like this today.
I was reading some really mean comments about Yunnie in another comm, I was so angry.
Yunho is so sweet, so hardworking, its disheartened that people speak so lightly about him or any member. Thank you